Thank you for an amazing Summer!

Winter Camp Info coming out soon!

We just wrapped up an amazing Summer 2023! Winter Camp information will be released soon insha'Allah.

Join our Amazing Team!
Join our team of dedicated Mentors and make a lasting impact on young lives year-round. As a Mentor, you'll go beyond just supervising kids during events, after-school programs, tutoring, and coaching – you'll be a guiding light in their journey towards confidence, character, and creativity. We're looking for individuals passionate about fostering healthy environments and nurturing young minds. Become a Mentor today and help shape the future with us!
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WE cultivate these essential values with every activity & interaction your CHILD HAS at ANY Bamrec event


We nurture and strengthen
self-assurance within all youth.


Our environment promotes integrity, kindness, and respect.


We think freely - there is no limit to curiosity and expression.

Kids have been stuck at home for too long!
IT's time for kids to be kids.
At Bamrec, we recognize the challenges kids face today, often confined to their homes without many outlets for growth and social interaction. That's why we're committed to providing a solution! Our diverse range of extracurricular activities and programs are designed to break the monotony, offering your children opportunities to enhance their skills, unleash their creativity, and build valuable connections with friends and mentors. We can't wait to provide your kids with a much-needed place to go and thrive!
we 🧡 our parents
You work hard all day and deserve a break.
Leaving your children somewhere safe with
people you trust shouldn't ever be an issue.
About Bamrec
In 2017 we got asked over and over again, by dozens of parents, the same question:
"Why don’t kids in our community have anything healthy to do in the summer?"
Let’s keep your kids healthy, active, and enriched!