Adventures at Bamrec Preschool!
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July 25, 2021

March 28

At Bamrec Preschool, our students are always up to something new! This month, preschoolers engaged in various activities that taught them the important values of respect, responsibility, and generosity.


  During a child's social and emotional development, the most fundamental value that they learn is respect—for themselves, for others, and for the environment. In the last few weeks, Bamrec preschoolers practiced showing respect by learning about taking care of the planet! With lessons focused on recycling, students discovered their role in keeping the Earth beautiful for everyone to live. In addition, each child brought a paper, plastic, or cardboard item to participate in recycling first-hand. Not only did they have fun sorting each item, each preschooler felt empowered knowing they contributed to keeping the planet clean!


  Keeping with the nature theme, preschoolers helped introduce a new member to the BamFam: a Painted Lady Butterfly! With their collaboration and responsibility skills, students were able to see their very own cocoons hatch! The wonderful accomplishment taught them more about the stages of a butterfly and how to take care of a living thing. There is no doubt that this will go down in Bamrec Preschool history!


  Ramadan is right around the corner, and Bamrec Preschool is excitedly preparing for the holy month. The upcoming weeks will be packed with themed activities and insightful conversations about what this time means for Muslims. We are also excited to have a sadaqah jar at the school for students to donate to Muslim organizations that help the less-fortunate. Preschoolers will learn how to demonstrate generosity and show compassion for others.


Along with these engaging activities, preschoolers are learning the Arabic and English alphabet, surahs from the Quran, shapes, colors, and numbers. With a well-rounded and diverse curriculum, student learning is maximized, and our preschoolers stay curious!

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