Bamrec Preschool Kickoff!
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August 16, 2021

    After a successful first year of Bamrec Preschool behind us, we can’t wait to usher in the newest class of bright and eager students. Our class of 2021 consisted of five graduates, and we are proud to say this year’s class will have over twenty preschoolers! 🎉 Because of the larger group this year, we are making exciting adjustments to our mode of instruction. Most primarily, we will divide preschoolers into two age groups! So, why will we be making this change to BRP?
   Children experience developmental milestones in rapid succession during their toddler years. Within the span of one year, or even just a few months, a child’s physical, mental, and emotional standing can quickly change. At BRP, we teach students between the ages of two and five—and we want to help them grow according to their needs. In our previous article about cognitive development, we highlight the large milestones children experience within a three-year time span 

Two years

When a child is two years old, their cognitive understanding broadens greatly. They will play make-believe games, begin to sort shapes and colors, and understand the emotions of love, trust, and fear.

Three years:

At three years of age, children can complete puzzles with a few pieces, draw or copy circles on paper, and use their imagination to make stories or games. At this point, they will also start asking questions, like “why,” “where,” “when,” “what,” and “how.”

Four years:

four year olds will comprehend concepts like “same” and “different,” and will begin to understand time. Other developments they will make are being able to explain what happens next in a story, begin counting, and use scissors.

Five years:

Children will be able to recognize their printed name, and may know how to write it themselves. They begin to count ten or more objects, and can draw a person with at least six body parts. Moreover, they will understand the function of everyday objects such as money and food.

   This fall, our two preschool age groups will participate in activities, learn academic curriculum, and build foundational skills in a way that is appropriate to their age. By arranging preschoolers into groups based on age, we can then focus more closely on each child and their progress. Nonetheless, both groups will closely collaborate and have opportunities to participate in activities together. We can’t wait for the school year to begin!

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Written by Meriem Cherif

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