4 Reasons Your Child Should Have a Bamrec Summer
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June 7, 2021

After the school year winds down, many parents are faced with a summer that can feel like an infinite stretch of time. Supporting a child with equal fun and educational time feels like a balancing act--throw in the sweltering hot weather, and you’ve got a real challenge on your hands. But have no fear! At Bamrec, we help you get the job done, providing a heart-warming summer experience for your child to learn amongst strong mentors, and build life-long relationships with new friends. Below, check out four reasons a Bamrec Summer is time well-spent for your child!

  1. Revive your child's love for learning
    After a year of virtual school, many children have developed a ‘Zoom fatigue’ where learning no longer brings them joy. With Bamrec courses, we make sure to bring back your child's desire to learn with curriculum that spurs creativity and helps your child ask important questions that drive their curiosity.

  2. Develop their independence
    When your child attends a Bamrec summer program, we ensure that there is room for them to grow independently. Being away from home and school allows them to become more confident as they experience new situations and meet new people. Although it may initially feel like a scary situation, your child will come out as a more independent kid in the end.

  3. Nurture a new passion
    Everywhere you go, there is a barrage of different hobbies your child can embark on. From coding to tae kwon do, it can be overwhelming to figure out what your child will love spending their time on (and what will be worth spending your money on). With Bamrec courses, we offer four week classes on a variety of subjects for your child to dip their toes into diverse interests. And who knows, maybe they’ll discover a new hobby that they want to stick with!

  1. Provide Entertainment without Technology
    Oftentimes, working parents have trouble keeping their little ones entertained, especially during the summer; as a result, many turn to the internet and mobile games as an easy pastime. This can be troublesome, since excessive screen time can stifle the physical and social activity of children. Bamrec summer camp offers hours of fun for our campers, no screen needed! This unplugged time proves invaluable toward encouraging child development that is healthy and balanced.

Written By Meriem Cherif

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