Our Four Years!
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August 3, 2021

Over the weekend, we celebrated an incredible milestone: Bamrec turned four years old! With this large achievement, we want to express our gratitude to every parent, child, and mentor who has joined us and supported our mission of creating healthy environments. 

Just as children experience developmental milestones as they grow, our team has also reached new advancements with each year that passes. Since 2017, we have promoted confidence, character, and creativity within the youth of our community, and Inshallah we cannot wait to break more milestones with time! But first we want to look back, to reflect upon how far we’ve come. From four years ago to today, here are Bamrec’s most significant developmental milestones!


  • Bamrec introduces their first All-Sports Camp, giving campers an encouraging and safe environment to stay active over the summer.
  • The Sunnah Program is started, which consists of Saturday day-camps for a range of activities, such as womens-only swim days.
  • Bamrec runs a Thanksgiving Basketball Tournament at the MCA, facilitating sportsmanship and fair play during the event.
  • Bamrec starts a Hands-On Day Camp for younger children which includes mechanics, theatre, and painting.


  • Bamrec Courses are created with mentors teaching woodshop, fishing, and archery.
  • Through a partnership with West Valley Muslim Association, Bamrec hosts a Fishing and Hiking Youth Event.
  • Bamrec camps continue, with horseback riding being a favorite among campers!
  • The first day-camp program in the city begins, where campers visit and tour the best sights in San Francisco.
  • Bamrec Summer Camp at MCA is launched, and becomes a big hit!
  • Winter Camp begins, and campers spend their break engaging in fun activities and meeting new friends.
  • The Bamrec App is launched, streamlining registration for programs and creating a hub for parents to enroll their children in events.


  • Bamrec’s Shuttle Service begins, offering rides to students from the MCA to headquarters for summer camp.
  • A summer-long business internship for youth is created, and students meet community leaders like Zahra Biloo while creating a business proposal.
  • Bamrec begins hosting Eagle Run at Granada Islamic School, promoting staying active while having fun.


  • Bamrec introduces courses in Spanish, Woodshop, Filmmaking, and Cooking.
  • Hosting local bakers and their delicious treats, Bamrec hosts our first Eid Al-Adha Drive Thru Parade.
  • With over $1,800 raised with help from the community, Bamrec helps MAS Bay Area reach the goal for their Back to School Backpack Project.
  • Bamrec Preschool is launched!


  • Bamrec continues its tradition of Eid festivals, this time fully in-person!
  • Bamrec introduces Adventure Week, where kids visit the zoo, learn horseback riding, go kayaking, and more!

Thank you for following Bamrec on our journey, and Inshallah the future holds even more confidence, character, and creativity among our community’s youth!

Written by Meriem Cherif 

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