Encouraging Emotional Development in Toddlers
Post Date
July 25, 2021

November 22

     Between ages 1-3, a child’s emotional development is at its height. From resisting peer pressure as a teenager, to having a strong sense of self in adulthood, the emotional skills gained in these formative years will stay with a child long after he or she has gained them. In order for a child to grow at a healthy pace, the best plan of action for parents to do is encourage their child’s emotional development, which can be achieved in a multitude of ways.

1. Display positive behavior
    In their youth, children are sponges; they absorb all the information and behavior around them. If you have a short temper, use foul language, or inappropriately process your emotions in front of your child, they will certainly emulate the same actions. Making sure to keep an exemplary attitude in front of your child will make a world of a difference, since they will pick up the right way to act and treat others. Even if you slip up, modeling how you solve your mistakes will reflect positively on a child’s growth.

2. Show affection to your child
    Kissing, hugging, talking, you name it! By being physically and verbally affectionate with your child, you implicitly teach them how to convey their emotions, especially with those they love. The child will gradually develop empathy, a crucial component for social growth. On our Instagram, Mai shares the five love languages to use with children, which are a great aide for promoting how you show and acknowledge your child’s feelings!

3. Provide cues
    Since a child is still socially and emotionally developing, they may not know right away how to adequately respond to or initiate a situation. Luckily, parents and teachers are here to help out! Asking open questions about what the child should do next will guide them in the right direction, while also teaching them to practice independence. Giving cues is a simple way to expand the scope of your child's thinking, which will greatly influence the way they interact with peers and other individuals around them.

    Building up your child’s emotional development is one of the most effective ways to help them live a happy and healthy life in the future. With the steps above, you can prepare them for a future of confidence, creativity, and character.

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