Get on the Front Page: An Introduction to SEO and Linking
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May 18, 2021

For up-and-coming small businesses, Google is an ultimate tool that can transform your budding idea into a household name. With the acceleration of technology, there are now more opportunities than ever to land your business on Google’s front page. However, it will take a little more effort than buying space on the newspaper or posting flyers around the neighborhood. Nonetheless, you can triumph! To get started on your SEO journey, we’ll walk you through how it works, as well as the most useful tools we’ve implemented at Bamrec. This week, we’ll be talking about SEO for bots, and next week we’ll move on to SEO for your customer base.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization, which Google simply defines as “the process of making your site better for search engines.” Before your content reaches an audience, there is a middleman that many small business owners forget about: bots. In a process called ‘crawling,’ these bots scan websites and copy content to store in an index, building a ‘web’ based on the links they can travel through. Your job is to make the job of these bots as easy as possible; and we have good news—it’ll be easy for you too! The key for successful SEO with bots is maximizing your linking.

Link, Link, Link!

As we mentioned before, bots base their crawling on the links you provide on your website. Google follows three steps to rank a website: crawling, indexing, and ranking. As the first and most essential step to SEO, your links are essential to giving this software footing to build an index. Imagine the bot is Spiderman trying to web-sling over New York City, and your links are the skyscrapers that he can attach the webs to.

Within the Bamrec marketing team, we have one rule about SEO: link whenever you have the opportunity to. If an article mentions a member of the Bamrec team, we link their name to our LinkedIn ‘Meet the Team’ series. When discussing a subject from our recent Fireside Chat in an article, we make sure bots can easily access the link to the Instagram Live that is being referenced. While much of SEO requires knowledge in programming and web design, this form of linking is straightforward and makes a big difference.

Another step to improve linking on your website is to structure web pages in a way that smoothly leads to other pages. For example, adding a side column with other works or links to previous campaigns allows for more content to be available even if a user clicks on a specific piece of content. The Guardian, a news and media website, successfully utilizes this step with their “Most Viewed” and “Most Popular” sections, granting a selection of diverse articles on every story page. The more comprehensive your linking, the more easily recognizable your content is to bots, which leads to higher ranking when users make a Google search.

SEO is no simple process, but you can still triumph and give your content the attention it deserves. Tune in for our article next week, where we give you tips on reaching your target audience through SEO!

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