How to Download the Bamrec App
Post Date
July 25, 2021

April 26

With summertime fast approaching, it is vital to stay updated on Bamrec programs for your child! Just like in years past, registration and scheduling for these events will be through the Bamrec mobile app. Follow the steps below to download the Bamrec app and join in on the summer excitement!

  1. Visit

Scroll down until you see an orange banner. There will be buttons where you can download the Bamrec app on the Apple App Store or Google Play. Click on the app that corresponds to the app store your mobile phone provides.

  1. Download ‘Bamrec Events’

Once you have downloaded the app, click ‘Sign Up’ on the top right of the homescreen. You will be instructed to create a login email and password. Make sure to use an email address you regularly accessed, as updates and information will be sent through the email you enter.

  1. Browse All Our Programs!

You’re in! Scroll through the app to access information about summer camps, courses, tutoring, and more. Happy Bamrec-ing!

Please Download app to register  for this event