How We Build Character through Bamrec Events!
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July 26, 2021

Last weekend, we held our 2021 Bamrec Eid Al-Adha Festival—and had a wonderful time! WIth over two-hundred attendees, families from all over the Bay Area joined in on the festivities of the holiday. During large gatherings like these, we take extra care at Bamrec to make moments memorable in more ways than one. Since our motto is “Confidence, Character and Creativity,” these values carry into every event we host! When it comes to building character within children, we focus on the small things to develop respect, integrity, and kindness. Here are some of the most prominent elements we seek to cultivate:

  1. Sharing with Peers

Bamrec is a community-based group; for that reason, all of our activities surround the notion of sharing and collaboration, which we hope to pass on to the next generation. With the help of qualified coaches and community members, we encourage sharing through multiple avenues: showing children how to wait in line, teaching games that require teamwork, and demonstrating the importance of self-awareness in a group-environment! Even an activity as lighthearted as playing in a bouncy-house becomes the chance for children to learn cooperation and sharing—skills they can take to school and other group environments in the future.

  1. Respect to Adults

With young children, it is often hard teaching them how to show respect toward grown-ups who are not immediate family; this makes moments like the first day of school an especially large adjustment. For this reason, we at Bamrec like to provide kids with the learning opportunities and exposure to build these qualities. Almost like a free trial, our Bamrec events provide parents the peace of mind that their child is in good hands, while allowing for their little one to practice independence by interacting with grown ups. From asking for a bag of popcorn to joining a group-activity, our coaches are at the ready to engage in conversation with children, and guide them toward respectful communication!

  1. Care for the Environment 

At Bamrec, we understand the value of setting an example for children. During every course, camp, event and more, we stress the significance of keeping the environment clean for all to enjoy. At our Eid Festival, our implicit methods demonstrated how to be respectful of one’s surroundings: we kept environments clean, set up processes to uphold organization of the event, and encouraged children to join in on taking care of their area! As a result, we keep up the standards set at Bamrec, while simultaneously displaying to kids how to respect their surroundings.

Together, these elements contribute to how we Create Healthy Environments at Bamrec, and develop good Character in the children that attend our programs. Thanks for coming out to our Eid Festival, and we hope you had as much fun as we did!

Written by Meriem Cherif 

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