Let’s Goal! Making 2021 More Fulfilling
Post Date
July 25, 2021

December 6

    With 2021 around the corner, there are many beneficial goals that you can achieve for the next year. From health to spirituality, here are some ideas for helpful and attainable goals that will make your year more fulfilling!

  1. Strengthen Your Iman
        The new year is a perfect opportunity to increase your faith! Since this goal may feel too broad, divide it into smaller goals to make the process easier: making dua, praying consistently, and giving zakat (voluntary charity) are some specific areas to focus on, which will ultimately help you reach the goal.
  2. Reduce Screen Time
        The pandemic has brought many new changes, and a pressing new issue has caught the attention of many: excessive screen time. Causing eye strain, back pain, and more, many of us have felt the effects of a primarily virtual school and work life. An open-ended goal of reducing screen time can be fulfilled in many ways, such as pursuing a new hobby or going out more in nature.
  3. Rekindle Old Friendships

        This year, many of us have had trouble maintaining friendships due to social-distancing rules and stay at home orders. As you reflect on your goals for the upcoming year, consider reaching out to friends you haven’t talked to in a while. As simple as a text, this goal is simple and will go a long way in improving the relationships in your life.
  4. Begin Journaling

    In 2020, many can agree that time feels like it flies by, and the days often bleed into each other. Journaling is a simple and easy way to combat this monotony! Writing your thoughts down will help you reflect better and slow down time for a moment. Here are some easy writing prompts to implement into your daily schedule:

What is something new you learned today?
What are 5 things you are grateful for in your life?
What are your 10 day, 10 month, and 10 year goals?

    Although this list is not exhaustive, setting these goals are an easy way to make 2021 full of growth, progress, and self-improvement!

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