Peek Into the Past: Bamrec Summer Business Internship
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July 25, 2021

February 22

After building a business from the ground up in 2017, our team at Bamrec has seen the impact that proactiveness can have on a budding idea; our founder, Imad Abdelgawad, hoped to ignite this entrepreneurial spirit in the youth of our community (you can hear more about his story here). Just two years later, we were able to reach this goal, launching the Bamrec Business Internship. Continuing our Peek Into the Past series, let’s take it back to 2019 and learn all about the program!


Who: Two groups of five high schoolers in the Bay Area Muslim community were chosen to be part of the business internship, receiving guidance from mentors like Chafik Ziadeh (Director of Business Development) and Yasmine Abusaif (Program Manager) about business and marketing skills..

What: For eight weeks, the two groups dived into a rigorous curriculum that helped them create a business proposal—completely from scratch. Team one created Palit, a service that bridged together real-life interactions and the power of technology to create a reading program for children, that could be accessed from all over the Bay Area. Team two designed Bamakt, an organization meant to bring youth in the community together through engaging events and activities. From designing an inviting logo, to laying down a multi-year financial plan, both groups rapidly developed entrepreneurial skills as they brought their ideas to life.

Where: Most planning occurred huddled around a table, either at the Bamrec location or a local coffee shop. However, the real magic happened on stage, during the last day of the internship. After nearly two months of careful planning, both teams delivered their business pitches to a group of investors during an end-of-the-summer banquet. They impressively answered tough questions, and coupled their thorough proposals with visually appealing presentations. In the end, both Team One and Team Two received the total investment needed for their respective projects!

When: Although the Covid-19 pandemic halted the original plans of Bamrec Business Interns, they continued meeting on Zoom during the next summer, finding ways to progress their plans despite new obstacles.

Why: In our rapidly developing world, entrepreneurship impacts nearly every industry and career, answering the big questions that society asks today. By instilling confidence and technical skills in the youth, we can ensure that they are set up for success, and will achieve greatness in the diverse passions they pursue.

How: The best way to learn is from experience and hearing from others. Meeting with an economist, user-experience project manager, and civil rights lawyer, interns networked with individuals who excelled in their fields and could pass on knowledge about how to harness initiative. Interns went out to collect real data, visiting the local library and interviewing parents to gauge interest in their services and prospective pricing. By providing exciting lessons and meetings over the duration of the internship, our interns developed business and marketing skills in a hands-on way.

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