How to Prepare Physically and Spiritually for Ramadan
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April 6, 2021

With Ramadan quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to prepare for the holy month. Follow our tips below to fully harness the barakah (blessings) this time will bring for us, both physically and spiritually! Slowly adjust your diet For many, Ramadan is the only time one fasts from sunrise to sundown. As a result, it can be challenging to make the drastic diet change. For those who love coffee, gradually wean off caffeinated drinks to prevent headaches and excessive tiredness throughout the month. Bring ease to your fast by modifying your diet now—eat your fruits, vegetables, proteins, and fats, and cut down on sugary foods so withdrawals don’t make you too fatigued. Make sure to also buy dates for breaking your fast; at Bamrec, we're helping out by giving away three boxes of dates. Click the link below and fill out the form to join! Identify points of religious potential In our ummah, nobody is perfect, and there is always room to grow your iman (faith). Maybe you strive to pray five times a day, or hope to increase your sadaqah (charity) for the community. Before Ramadan begins, pause to reflect on areas of your spirituality that you can improve upon; coming in with intention will make your goals more attainable, and grant you a more fulfilling month. Clean Your Home Often, energy levels will be low while fasting, and we want to dedicate as much free time as possible towards religiously-enriching activities. It makes sense that keeping the home clean will not be the main priority on your mind! Before Ramadan, deep clean your home to get one big hassle out of the way—you'll thank yourself later when guests may unexpectedly pop in for a visit. Set Spiritual Goals Ramadan isn’t just a time for fasting. After you have identified spiritual areas you can develop as a Muslim (see above!), you can begin to set tangible goals to achieve throughout the month. Whether you have one goal or ten goals, big goals or small goals, putting them down will keep them fresh on your mind, and leave you ready to conquer the month! From us to you, Bamrec wishes you a fulfilling and peaceful Ramadan InshAllah 🧡 Giveaway Form:

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