Taking your 2021 to the Next Level
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July 25, 2021

    December 13

2020 is coming to a close; you’ve already reflected, written down a list of goals, and committed to reaching them— now what? When it comes to goals, achieving consistency poses a much greater challenge than starting them. Luckily, many resources can assist you in turning goals into habits for the upcoming year.

Exercise Goals:

Nike Run Club 3.13.0 APK Download by Nike, Inc. - APKMirror

    Perfect for aspiring exercise enthusiasts, Nike Run Club hosts multiple features to make accomplishing your running goals a walk in the park. NRC can connect to Apple Watch and other smart watches, making workouts convenient and uncomplicated. With specialized coaching plans, audio-guided runs, and an activity log to track your progress, Nike Run Club is the ideal app for those who hope to be more active in 2021.

Spiritual Goals:

QamarDeen - Apps on Google Play

    In our previous article, “Let’s Goal! Making 2021 More Fulfilling,” we shared some helpful tips to make strengthening your imam a tangible goal for 2021. We described how setting more specific goals helps you achieve consistency, and this next app can make the process even more successful! Developed by Batoul Apps, QamarDeen lets you track prayers, fasting, and sadaqah. Your goals are recorded in detail; for salat, you can track how ‘complete’ your prayer is by filling out whether you prayed sunnah, and if you prayed at the mosque or at home.

Miscellaneous Goals:

Best Productivity Apps for 2019 — Part 2: Habit Tracking | by Kalie  Allebach | Medium

.    For other goals that require consistency, Productive provides a sleek interface with easy controls. With 4.5 stars on the App Store, Productive is one of the leading goal-tracking apps available. The app sends you reminders, and allows you to schedule multiple different habits at different times of the day.

    There is still plenty of time left to decide which goals you want to set for 2021. As you map out the next year, consider implementing one of these apps into your daily life to make goal-achieving exciting and long lasting!

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