The Inner Workings of a Successful Team: What It Looks Like
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July 25, 2021

October 4

    When it comes to teamwork, you will find that it shows up in all parts of your life—after all, human beings are social creatures. As a vital part of nearly every interaction you have, it is beneficial to understand the qualities of a successful team, so you can integrate these characteristics into your own. Picture teamwork as a house: the structure stays strong when it is sustained by a solid foundation.

While working with children, the foundation of teamwork must be built upon patience; Remaining in control depends on your ability to wait things out, build trust with children, and stay calm even under stressful circumstances.

Tips to achieve teamwork with children:

  • Let them take on all sorts of roles, even leader
  • Mimic their emotions by showing enthusiasm when they do, and acting serious when necessary

In a home environment, teamwork takes on a more organic approach-you don’t need a chore chart to maintain group effort and understanding. The most important quality is to lead by example, which will set a standard for what is expected in the household.

Tips to achieve teamwork at home:

  • Divide and conquer responsibilities, ensuring everyone plays a role
  • Offer to pick up a responsibility when someone needs help, and don’t hesitate to ask for assistance

Social Groups
Social groups, like your group of friends, also run on a more relaxed structure of teamwork. Keeping promises is the quality that leads to the longevity of these friendships, by demonstrating your commitment.

Tips to achieve teamwork within your social group:

  • Provide your input when making plans
  • Arrive on time to events and hangouts

Work and School
Compared to the others, teamwork at work and school require greater effort, and feel more structured. Since the consequences of not collaborating in your group can be serious, you must sort out your priorities ahead of time, focusing most on productivity.

Tips to achieve teamwork at work and school:

  • Support the ideas of your peers
  • Hold yourself accountable, and reach out to team members to explain any changes you must make

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