Things at the BR HQ that Just Make Sense
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July 25, 2021

January 24

Things at the BR HQ that Just Make Sense

Snack Table

In order to work our best, we need good fuel! With snacks like dried mangoes, popcorn, and trail mix, Bamrec kids and staff alike have access to balanced snacks that keep energy levels high. Some of our favorites include the Clif Bars and Belvita Breakfast Biscuits!


We 🧡 Bamrec staff, and strive to provide a stress-free and comfortable environment for them. With our new Bamrec bikes, staff can go out for a bike ride, feeling the wind on their face and getting in some exercise for the day. Keep your eyes peeled, you may see one of our Bamrec staff cruising down your neighborhood!

The Monarch Room

The Monarch Room is Bamrec’s hub for upcoming projects, brainstorming sessions, and the freshest ideas. Its grass wall with a BR decal is the perfect backdrop for photoshoots, and a circle table enclosed by microphones helps us hold podcasts and interviews. If Bamrec is the body, our Monarch Room is the heart.

Toys Outside/Outdoors Green Space

A few articles ago, we wrote about the value of nature. With an outdoor green space and toys of all shapes and sizes, the fun never stops at Bamrec. Giving the children outside-time as often as possible, we ensure that they can appreciate all the beauty nature has to offer.

Espresso Machine

If there’s one pattern we’ve noticed in our Bamrec staff, it's that most of them are head over heels for coffee! In the corner of our office sits a steel espresso machine, which is put to good use in the office. More than just coffee, our drink corner has seen the creation of hot chocolates, teas, and even boba!

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