Time Management, Small Businesses, and Patience: What’s the Key to Reaching Your Goals?
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May 11, 2021
      With Bamrec’s four year anniversary coming up, we asked four current team members about lessons they have learned since joining:
“You need time when you’re working with kids; you need to have patience.”
“Things don’t happen overnight, they take time. You just need to do your part and keep moving forward.”
“Something that I’ve learn here at Bamrec is Process: how everything has its way and how to stay organized.” 
“I learned how to manage my time as I am a student.”
       Sensing a theme here? Nearly all of the answers have to do with time, a precious commodity in the world of entrepreneurship. When it comes to building a startup, small business, or any project, everyone talks time—but let's turn that notion on its head for a second. Is time, alone, really the most important resource, or are we missing something important?
       Time is predictable, always passing; you can either do nothing with it, or maximize upon it. The challenge of interpreting time as the most valuable resource for your passion project is that you are dealing with something that consistently disappears. As a result, every waking moment feels like it must be ultra-productive; days, hours, minutes, and even seconds go to waste if you aren’t pouring them into your small business or startup. This mindset can spur a cycle of ‘toxic productivity,’ which causes burnout and zaps up your motivation to push through.
       Success is never linear—thus, your success cannot be measured by the linear nature of time. Nobody measures their happiness with a ruler.
       The true precious commodity that we overlook is having patience with our goals. Patience is not about waiting for the steady incline of success; it is for the moments of decline, and still having grit despite experiencing drawbacks. Focusing on patience over time allows you to place success in your hands, and take control of the goals you strive to achieve.
       So remember, if it feels like time is passing you by and you’re not making headway with your entrepreneurial goals, don’t worry. The key to making this progress is trusting the process, having patience, and knowing that you’ll reach your goals, in your time.

Written by Meriem Cherif

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