Tips and Tricks For Online Learning!
Post Date
July 25, 2021

September 20

As we get used to a “new normal” due to the coronavirus pandemic, it can be challenging for parents and children to navigate new changes in their routines. From a lack of face-to-face interaction, to having technical difficulties, many are finding the transition to online learning to be the most overwhelming. Luckily, we have some tips and tricks to make this school year go as smooth as possible, for you and your student!

  • Answer any questions your child might have

With the new adjustments everyone is experiencing, your child may have many questions, like why they must take certain precautions, or only see their teacher through a screen. In a time of great uncertainty, helping your child understand what is going on around them will make them much more receptive to new changes. In addition, answering your child’s questions can help start meaningful conversations about their feelings, improving your communication with each other.

  • Find a study spot to stick to

In your home, set aside one area (like a desk or office) for your child to attend all their classes and do their homework. They will associate one place with academics and learning as a result, just like they did with school. When your child is in the designated area, they will be in ‘study mode,’ and the rest of your home can be a place of relaxation and fun.

  • Keep up a routine

To keep life organized for your child, try to maintain a routine as much as possible. Have your child wake up, eat lunch, and start their homework at the same time every weekday. Even though each day holds new experiences and challenges, keeping a consistent schedule will restore order during a time of many changes.

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