What to Look For in an After-School Program
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July 25, 2021

January 3

    With winter break coming to an end, students nationwide are readying themselves for a return to fully-virtual learning. Traditionally catered to parents with busy schedules, after-school programs have provided enriching experiences to children once class is let out. However, the appeal of after-school programs for all types of students has grown; it now provides the face-to-face interactions and engagement that school currently lacks. If you are looking to enroll your child in an after-school program, here are three factors to consider when making your decision.

Student-to-Instructor Ratio

    Often, after-school care may present high student-to-instructor ratios, preventing instructors from granting the attention and guidance each child requires. When an instructor has fewer children to supervise, they can provide more personalized attention for their students. This means activities will be more inclusive, engaging, and suited to each child. In addition, low student-to-instructor ratios contribute to your child’s self-esteem, since they will feel listened to and appreciated.
    At Bamrec After School, we guarantee your child receives utmost attention from instructors, cultivating an environment for growth and fun.

Resources Available to Children

    When searching for a program, make sure you research the activities provided in order to avoid the worst-case scenario: having your child placed in a room with the TV playing all day.
    A varied schedule with resources from instructors allows your child to try something new each day, building excitement for the next time. Helpful resources include physical activity to get your child moving, time allotted for homework assistance, and group activities that encourage teamwork.

Food Provided Throughout the Day

    During their developmental years, healthy eating is a pivotal factor in the growth of children. As a result, the snacks and meals provided during after-school care must be balanced and filling.               Checking the menus provided by certain programs will help you make an informed decision for your child. Fruit, vegetables, and carbs are important for children, especially when their stomach rumbles in the middle of the day.

    With a low student-to-instructor ratio, plentiful activities planned for each day, and healthy food options prepared in a sanitary manner, Bamrec After School provides all the components for excellent after-school care for your child!

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