What’s New? Bamrec Tik Tok!
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July 25, 2021

February 15

If you’ve been keeping up with Bamrec lately, you may have noticed an influx of engaging videos and funny reels on our social media. The reason? We have finally created a Tik Tok account! It all started when we noticed Kareema Kilani, a member of the community and longtime supporter of Bamrec, blow up on the app and amass over 130,000 followers. Her social media expertise and unwavering energy piqued our interest, and we couldn’t pass up working with someone who had such impressive coffee-making skills. Luckily, Kareema shared our vision, and now runs our Tik Tok account as a member of Bamrec’s marketing team.

Many people brush off the platform as a silly app that will fade fast, but Tik Tok is here to stay. The app brings in over 50 million U.S. users a day, representing a critical component in successful social media marketing strategy. Tik Tok provides two primary benefits as a marketing tool: the flexibility of its short video structure allows for experimentation with our content, and the nature of its algorithm encourages growth through the ‘For You’ Page. With these in mind, Tik Tok has inched up on our list of marketing priorities, as we promote confidence, character, and creativity through the platform.

Although our account is still young, we have established an identity by keeping our content consistent with two themes: education and entertainment. To achieve the former, Kareema has created a series called Bamrec Educational Lesson, where she breaks down tricky topics like Arabic Phonetics, the Monty Hall Problem, and getting your life together (well, kind of). For the latter, we put our own spin on popular Tik Tok trends to entertain viewers, often with the help of amusing stories from Bamrec Preschool. Our efforts have been paying off, and we already have more than 1000 followers and 16,000 views on Tik Tok!

Want to follow our Tik Tok journey and see everything our account has to offer? Follow us!

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