What precautions are being taken during the current Covid-19 Pandemic?

The BR Campus is disinfected every night, staff are required to wear masks while on the clock, and gloves are required when handling food.

How did Bamrec start?

Our founder saw a need for extra-curricular activities for the local youth and was able to put up a week-long summer camp with 100 attendees! Once camp ended, campers and parents alike were hungry for more. Thus, Bamrec was born, forever changing the lives of the local community for the better. We have since launched numerous camps throughout the past three years, have been able to provide different programs to target specific goals, and have worked with several organizations to provide recreation for their youth.

What exactly do you offer?

Below are our current programs and services. - Summer Camp - Winter Camp - Spring Camp - Field Trips - Courses - Clubs - After-School Programs - Walkathons - Preschool More soming soon!

Do you operate year-round?

Yes! We offer both seasonal and year-round events and activities.

Why Bamrec?

We are a small company made up of compassionate, sincere, young, and energetic individuals. We aim to stand out amongst the crowd by creating a bridge between parents and their beloved kids. We are able to relate to the younger generation, while also understanding the parent's needs and expectations. We aim to build up each individual so that they may be able to lead communities, inspire change in the world, and give back to their communities.

What are your values?

Time spent well. We want every second you spend with us to be a growing moment in multiple areas. Spiritually, socially, physically, emotionally, and cognitively. We focus on growing every person's character, confidence, and creativity through fun activities, skill-building courses, and enlightening discussions.

I'm not Muslim, can I still join?

Of course! While Bamrec operates by Islamic Values, we are open to anyone from any background! Can't wait to see you!