Program Manager

Coach Yasmine| 612-940-0166

Hiring and Recruiting 

Coach Chafik  | 408-728-0125

Scheduling and Pay:

Coach Yasmine| 612-940-0166

Coach Imad |408-368-2350

On-site Supervisor:

Coach Mai | 408-507-5461

Supplies and Activities Coordinator:

Coach Mai | 408-507-5461

Daily Checklist

Clock-in & out

  • M,T,TH,F shift starts at 3pm and ends at 6pm

  • W shift starts at 2pm and ends at 6pm


  • Supplies setup in classrooms

  • Ipads logged in for check in 

  • Square/Stripe setup for payments

  • Snacks bin, sports equipment, arts and craft bins

  • Cleaning supplies 


  • Write students name & time they check-in 

Activity Time

  • Keep stations clean


Snack Time

  • Keep areas clean 

  • Students need to sanitize hands first

Homework Time

Free Time

Clean up

Late Fees

Staff Close up