A program that offers...

Life Skills

Preparing our youth for the challenges of the present and the future.


Nurturing their emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. 

Real World Experiences

Working on projects that matter and that have a direct impact on our community.

2019 Summer Interns

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Program Manager




Sr. Supervisor 




Sr. Supervisor

2019 Summer Inters

Speakers & Topics

Osama Abdelrahman

"My name is Osama Abdelrahman and I’ve lived in the Bay Area for 18 years. My absolute favorite thing to do is to give back to the community through various types of programs. Bamrec has provided me with a platform to do just that. I absolutely love the coaches, kids, and the dedication behind each and every program put on through bamrec.

Topic: Motivational talk on how to make a difference in ones community

Week 1

Creative Bubble & inspiration

How can I as an individual make a difference in the community and society at large?

Week 2

Understanding Finances

Controlling your finances | Power of investing | Mock Shark Tank Activity 

Week 3

Branding a Product & service

Creating a logo | Understanding essentials of branding

Week 4


Market research | Data analysis | Tools and strategies 

Week 5

Project Management 

Operational Plan | Organization | Time management | Documentation| Communication

Week 6

Career Coaching

Networking and Resume Building | Interviewing | Career Paths 

Week 7

Presentation Tools & Tactics

How to pitch your idea and sell it? | Tools to organize a presentation

Week 8

Final Advising

Groups will present their projects to a panel of judges including mentors, supervisors, and guests.