BAM Program
Become A Mentor: This is a fun and flexible position for those who are good role models and enjoy empowering and mentoring the younger generation - all while making 💰
About the BAM Program
The BAM Program: Become A Mentor
As a Bamrec Mentor you get connected with work opportunities that best suit you.
1. The first step is to Apply! This is where we gather basic information about you.
2. Our Program Manager reaches out to you.
3. Get onboarded, trained, and hired!
4. Get your first work opportunity assigned to you.
5. Get your Mentor-session done while being a good role model.
6. Get paid, sleep, repeat.

Apply below 👇 (p.s. we have really cool perks/benefits)
Aspernatur Laborum
Officiis Et Unde Adipisci
Perks & Benefits
Just as you take care of our BR kids, we want to take care of you. In addition to your hourly compensation there's a variety of perks & benefits that kick in once you're doing 10 mentorship hours per week - and then another tier of benefits once you're doing 20 mentorship hours a week. Some of the perks can be seen below:

   Our Program Manager would love to chat with you!