• Bamrec Team

Friends Before They Even Know It

Being around for 3 years now, we’ve seen a lot. The one thing that we say time and time again, no matter the camp, its size, or theme, is that kids are very good at becoming friends fast; faster than they even know it.

Their innocence immediately spills and shows within their first day(s) at camp. Some kids take a little longer than others depending on their personalities, but all in all their innocence is apparent. With that known, we let the kids just be kids. They don’t have any understanding of prejudice or racism at that age. They just see another kid their age who shares similar interests. True, they may argue or differ on things from time to time – but hey, even adults do that; it’s natural and as a matter of fact, healthy. But at their core, they’re friends, bonding, learning from each other, and having a good time with one another without even realizing it.

The urge to go to day-camp again the next day isn’t because of the building itself or the games and toys. While all that’s fun and important, it doesn’t provide the same level of warmth as seeing a fellow friend. We’re delighted to know that at Bamrec, from a young age, kids are making friends without even realizing it. We hope and pray that we help to nurture these relationships in a healthy manner that can be everlasting.

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