• Bamrec Team

Possible Expansion to Sacramento, Los Angeles, & Chicago

Updated: May 22, 2020

Despite being called “Bay Area” Muslim Recreation, over the last two and a half years of operating and building a brand, name, and culture - we’ve gotten inquiries from communities all over the States and Country to expand into their neighborhoods.

The reason we haven’t been able, or wanting, to expand into other communities is because of our core philosophy of quality over quantity in everything we do. Our growth since inception in the Bay Area has been exponential and overwhelmingly positive.

Within a very small time we’ve been able to serve over 1000 students, hundreds of families, and dozens of organizations and communities. From Summer Camps, to after school care, to field trips and sports. We know we don’t have the perfect system yet; no company does within the first few years. But what we know for sure is that the reception of Bamrec has been so positively appreciated that it confirms the theory we had 3 years ago. The Bay Area needs an organization that’s NOT tied to any particular masjid or community that serves the youth by instilling confidence, character, and creativity.

We’re continuing our mission to do just that. So as flattering as it is Sacramento, Los Angeles, Chicago, and others looking for us to expand into your communities, we’re going to have to politely decline as we further strengthen our home-base.

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