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In Order to Grow, We Have to Realize What Really Matters

Updated: May 21, 2020

At Bamrec, the first thing we like to do before a meeting, activity, gathering, etc. is remember God. Then we proceed with whatever is planned or scheduled for the time being. With that, no credit can be taken for the growth and success of the organization without attributing it to God first and foremost.

With growth comes more responsibility, more opportunities, and most importantly lessons learned. Over the past (nearly) 1000 days, we’ve learned so much and continue to keep an open mind to constantly learn.

Below are a few of the things we’ve learned that really matter to make an event or activity successful:

1. Smooth Process equals Happy Parent. The registration and check-in process are essential to making parents happy. No one wants to fill out a dozen pages/forms or feel lack of confidence dropping off their child anywhere. That’s why at Bamrec were actively working on our revolutionary app (that’s out now but still in development) to give parents the smoothest registration and check-in process for any event or activity.

2. The Quality of Coaches Actually Matters! Almost any Coach can be in a room or group activity with a group of children; we provide very detailed information on how to run activities and provide them with the supplies. But that’s only half of it, as a matter of fact - we don’t want that. It takes a Coach with good energy, high values, a positive outlook, and traits of good character to be a good role model for the children; and THAT’S what we’re looking for when we recruit, hire, and train Coaches.

3. Staff Culture is Real. Over the last (almost) three years, we’ve hired (seasonally, part-time, and full-time) close to 100 coaches. Throughout this journey of employing so many people we’ve learned that staff culture is a real important component of sticking true to the organization’s vision and mission. How are we supposed to instill confidence, character, and creativity in the children if our coaches don’t feel that way? That’s why in addition to the app, for 2020 we’ve invested a lot of time, resources, and money into training our coaches and creating.

As the organization continues to grow, we’re constantly learning and sharing those lessons learned with our Admin, Coaches, and Parents.

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