• Nismah Ismail

New Bamrec Courses!

Bamrec has added new courses, along with two new sessions for our popular courses. The upcoming courses all begin July 6th and include, Baking, Cooking, Boxing, and our two most requested courses, Archery and Spanish. Of course we can’t forget about our Friday special course - all day long of Quran, Arabic, and Islamic Studies. We look forward to starting the new courses next week while ensuring quality but not compromising safety; continuing to follow measures and protocol.

Spanish is back in session due to popular demand from the students themselves! Students petitioned to bring back Spanish and their wishes were granted. The Bamrec staff and Spanish course instructor appreciate their efforts and passion for the course. Along with Spanish, we will be restarting a new session of archery! Archery is one of our highly requested courses and we have brought it back to give many students a chance to learn a new and valuable skill over the summer! Boxing, baking and cooking will be starting July 6th/7th as well. Boxing will contain little to no physical interaction between students. Each student will use a punching bag, which will be sanitized daily. Lastly, our baking and cooking courses will teach students the basic skills and proper techniques used in the kitchen. Each student will learn new recipes that they can bring home!

We look forward to seeing all the new students next week, July 6th & 7th, and we can’t wait to see how well students will do in each course! To register for a camp or course, download the Bamrec app on the App store or GooglePlay. For updates, subscribe to our newsletter on!

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