No Plan? No Problem! Goal Template:

As we close the chapter of 2020 and turn to a new page, having a plan should be your current priority. Don’t get us wrong: spontaneity is important to live a fulfilling life. But when it comes to school, work, or entrepreneurship, constructing a blueprint will help you turn ideas into achievements. This December, our theme for the month is goal-setting. With the help of Bamrec, we hope you start 2021 on the right foot, with a list of the changes and life-improvements you want to accomplish next year. Below, we’ve created a goal template to help you kickstart the new year: simply copy and paste onto a new document, and fill in the blanks!

My 2021 Goal Template (most effective in a table format)


Goal 1:

Why I want to achieve this goal:

Time frame:

Month of:

How to improve for the upcoming week








Achieved? (✓/✖️)

+ Notes

Happy goal setting!

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