• Nismah Ismail

Utilizing the Youth to Guide and Mentor the 5 to 13 Year Olds

At Bamrec, we pride in providing the youth with opportunities to become leaders and role models. We stand by our motto: confidence, character and creativity, which is why we hire the youth that strive to implement our three C's in everything they do while being leaders and role models.

Although Bamrec provides jobs yearly for new summer coaches, and now our tutoring program, we also expand our networks by providing internships. Our internships allow the youth to gain some experience before fully committing to a job. They learn how to manage time and learn the basics of what is to be expected from them in any job so they go into the workforce experienced and well prepared. Along with interns, our summer coaches always provide a fun, exciting environment everyday. The coaches' fun energy creates a great atmosphere for all kids which makes them enjoy each day they spend at Bamrec and creates an eternal bond.

Our new tutoring program also utilizes the youth to teach others which allows many students to feel more comfortable when being taught from someone who is more relatable. The program provides tutors in high school or have graduated who use their skills in helping students who are going on the same path as they have. Each tutor promotes confidence, character, and creativity in every lesson they teach so at the end of each session, the students are left with a more clear understanding of the topic.

Ultimately, utilizing the youth is a great way to allow the future generations to learn from one another. We create a strong young community to help build Bamrec as the younger generation is the future. Creating a strong bond by guiding and mentoring one another, every student and Bamrec staff member/coach will make a great impact in the future with the experience they gain from Bamrec HQ and the mark they leave to help Bamrec grow.

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