• Bamrec Team

Why I Work at Bamrec

Since our summer courses have been in full swing, we've had the opportunity to welcome many staff and coaches to our Bamrec team.

"As an onlooker of the Bamrec hiring process, I've had the opportunity to reflect on why I personally applied.

The first things that stuck out to me were the pillars of Bamrec: Confidence, Character, and Creativity.

The structure is conducive for growth, professionally and personally, and I find myself connecting with my coworkers beyond office hours for other kinds of projects.

Another thing that drew me in was the environment. Even before I received the job offer, I had heard about the appealing staff culture from friends who were previously employed by Bamrec.

Now that I've been employed for almost two months, one of the most appealing things remains the uplifting atmosphere."

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